How to Maintain Porcelain Fixtures in Bathrooms and Kitchens?

Porcelain fixtures adorn the wash room or kitchen with immense beauty, but caring for them proves to be a bit challenging. Soap scum, stains, scuffs and scratches, all work to impair the beauty, quality and the appearance of the graceful porcelain fixtures. Undoubtedly, it becomes important to guard against these problems.

Most common problems that would occur:


1. Calcium and other minerals found in water, produce an alarming layer of lime scale not only on the porcelain fixtures but also on shower doors. Along with this, they trap the soap scum and dirt too.

2. Dried scum solidifies on these fixtures, and becomes hard to remove with passage of time. Slowly the glossy finish starts dying.

3. Pouring very hot water can lead to cracks.

4. Garbage disposer has all the potential to crack porcelain kitchen sink due to high vibration.

Cleaning should go hand in hand right from the starting:


1. Get into the habit of wiping down your sink, wash basin or tub after each use, although sounds very difficult.

2. Use a nonabrasive sponge and clean the fixtures with mild soap and water very regularly.

3. End your cleaning with a last coating of lemon oil. It will not only maintain the sheen, but also create a protective barrier in keeping the stains and deposits at bay. Gel gloss is also one option as a protective finish.

4. Among the natural plumbing alternatives, lemon juice and vinegar are very common and popular cleaners. Rinse the fixtures soon as they are very acidic in nature and wipe dry.

5. Avoid leaving coffee grounds or tea bags in the kitchen sink overnight as porcelain can get stained.

6. Avoid spilling nail polish, hair dyes, clothing dyes, or similar substances in the porcelain wash basin.

7. Keep the water continuously running while rinsing dyes.

8. Use a sink mat while washing pots and pans with grey scuff. Remove the mat as soon as the work is over and wipe dry.

What to do if porcelain is already stained?

Source: Flickr/Brandon O'Connor
Source: Flickr/Brandon O’Connor

May be you are moving in a rental property, where the porcelain fixtures were not maintained properly and there are no chances to get those fixtures replaced. Asking help from a reputed plumber can just do the work for you.  The above mentioned methods might not work here, but other options are available to maintain to your best.

1. Chlorine bleach can be used to remove scum, dirt and stains. But, you need to be very careful as this can discolor your faucets and create rust stains. Dilute the bleach before use and don’t let it stay for long. Rinse properly and wipe dry.

2. Ammonia is another powerful cleaner to cut on grease and soap scum. Never try mixing ammonia with other cleaners.

3. Hydrogen per-oxide which is an oxygen based bleach can also be used to remove tough stains.

4. Absolute last resort when nothing works, are the commercial abrasives (scouring powders). These products are easily available in the market under different brand names but use them as your last resort as they tend to discolor the porcelain with time.

With this, you should be able to look after your elegant porcelain with mild and humble care and retain the beauty of your valuable porcelain fixtures. Avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible.

Tips For Bathroom Remodeling : Don’t Settle For What You’ve Got, Improvise!

Bathroom is THE place in our house which we probably don’t think much of while renovations. It always gets the place of that part of the house where interiors don’t matter much. We make do with the ordinary English bathroom with age old styled accessories. Plumber Toronto brings the “most important tips for bathroom remodeling“.

Here we go – 

Being Aware of The Entire Plan and Cost Involved


If you are even thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you need to do an intense research over the required materials. You have to calculate an estimate budget for the entire shift-over.

You can choose any model from the design books of your re-modeling team. If you want this project to be strictly “Do It Yourself”, it won’t be possible. You need a team of professional designers, plumbers, electricians, and basic men-work whose charges are extremely fluctuating in nature.

In a rough estimate, by spending $3,000- $5,000 , you can get your bathroom fixed by all the existing damages and insert some new bathroom equipment. You won’t be able to bring anything conclusive from the design part of the idea. You can have low-end granite as your new countertops. New tiles for your bathtub and cabinets will be done. Not much in the plumbing department as the plumbing practice will be a whole another game and it wouldn’t be possible in this price range.

If you are looking to spend between $10,000 to $20,000 then you can have much more independence while working. You can have custom made countertops, decorative cabinets, designer fixture and a lot of plumbing changes too. If you are spending this much, it is better to re-place the old water pipes which flows under the wall. Plumber Toronto can be help with proper plumbing installations, old adjustments and extended service too.

Be Change Friendly

toronto plumbers

You need to be focused on your idea of your new bathroom. If it looks a bit of funky, be it. Only change the final design when you think id doesn’t resonate from you. Go through the designs your designers are offering. They will be knowing it better than you.  If you want porcelain instead of regular ceramic tile, go for it, maybe it suite you better.

Go for the jetted bath tub you always anted. Change the wall designed. Walls can be changed creatively. They can be decorated with fresh flowers, or extremely natural colors.

Choosing The Best Plumbing And Painting Services

toronto plumbers

For a major bathroom renovation, you need everything of the top level. Just hire a plumber Toronto and get the life long service whenever you need it. Make sure to get the plumbing and electrical checked before the remodeling takes place. make a list of things which are needed to be replaced. Now, when the remodeling is over, you can call the plumbers and painters again for a quick inspection. If something is now not working which used to work before the start of this project, you’s know whose fault is that.

These were some of the most important tips to follow if you are re-modeling the bathroom.


How To Keep Your Home Plumbing Problem Free?

Imagine a single day in your life without water. Imagine a day when your drains are clogged or a day when your gas line is leaking. It is obvious that you are having goose bumps! Yes, no one among us can imagine ourselves in that situation. Now think what it is to deal the situation which is dreadful even to our imagination. If you are a dutiful home owner, you will surely want to take necessary preventive measure. A malfunctioning plumbing system is enough to make mess of your life. Better to stop such mishaps from occurring than to fight them back.


Plumbing system incorporates both the internal and external caring of the house. When the problems arise, it may involve both. From a clogged basin to the improperly installed gas line, a leaky faucet or low volume showerhead, or damaged saniflo, or a clogged sewage system, or a leaky water pipe, problem may be of whatever in size, calls for equal attention from us as they are all can be proved equally harmful to the construction of our house. Mississauga plumber can be of great help.

What You Need To Do

These problems are very common to all households. You as a homeowner can follow few tips to avoid these troubles.

  1. Regular Maintenance: Most of the home owners never keep a regular maintenance of their plumbing. Once they install the system, never again bother about the reinstallation of it. You should keep a regular watch on the whole system. Look for leaks in the water pipe, check the drains, reinstall the water service and gas appliances, clean the kitchen sink every day, think before throwing any trash in the toilet. All these will be enough to keep you away from visiting a constructor.
  2. Hiring Professional’s Help: Though you yourself can keep watch on the system, but seek professional’s help after certain period of time. Permit is the first stepping ground when it comes to reliance. Must check if the company has necessary plumbing experience related permits, what are specific skills the crew possesses, do they have or not in depth knowledge of plumbing related issues, enquire about their sincerity of service and the punctuality. Also talk about the money they will cost.
  3. Drains Need Special Care: As nothing can be more distressing and grave than a clogged drain and improper drainage system. Clogged drains can not only create household emergency but also it is the most challenging threat to the foundation of the house. Never allow pass any such thing through pipe that can create blockage. Remove the fallen leaves and broken twigs and try to keep loosely cover the exposed portion of the drain. Make sure that the water is flowing continuously.
  4. Never Wait For Emergency: Apply professional plumber Toronto on yearly basis through contract because visiting to the plumbers in the last moment cannot be as effective and pocket friendly as it would be if you consult with them on regular basis.

Make a list today of all the available plumbers in Toronto and choose the best one among them from whom you can get necessary help when you desire.

Learn How To Find The Best Plumber For Your Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing Issues

Human body’s composition constitutes 70% of water. That is the percentage of weight age on has to give to decisions related to plumbing. As the circulatory system of living things, cleans up the body, regulates the temperature and is responsible for the health of the body. In the same manner the plumbing system works as the circulatory system of the house. If it break downs the entire system is destroyed. As a doctor helps human body from breaking down, correcting the flaws. Similarly a plumber Toronto works through your houses plumbing system and saves it from breaking down. Now it’s the house owner’s responsibility to make the right choice, when hiring a plumber. One minor mistake on the part of the plumber will cost a lot to you in the long run. Now I will discuss some of the most vital points to be remembered when hiring a plumber.

Plumber’s permit.

Permit is the first stepping stone when it comes to building trust. Permits denote valid certification in terms of knowledge of plumbing laws, experience and technicality to perform the service. Also few of the the permits contain phone numbers, which can inform you about the past performance of the plumber.

Plumbers with specific skills.

According to Plumber Mississauga, a plumbing system is a multidimensional system. In-depth knowledge of every sphere is necessary to understand the core of the problem. Like it’s not necessary that if a plumber is efficient in solving issues with clogging of pipes and drains, he will be equally good with water tanks too. Thus proper inquiry is needed, so that specifically only a skilled plumber is hired.

Cash or kind?

Plumbing issues tend to crop up very frequently. Thus one needs the help of professional plumber now and then. Thus before hiring one should talk out the prospects of money. If a plumber tends to over charge, either go for negotiation or look out for other option within your range. Also the cost estimate of the repair materials should be discussed, and a second opinion is advisable. As at times, a minor issues which could be solved with few bucks, burn a hole in the pocket.

Time and punctuality.

We live in a world, where time is most important of our entire commodity. It’s almost next to impossible to be available in the house whole the day. Thus you and your plumber should have a common ground in terms of time. Also a few plumbers’ terms tend to charge on the basis of per hour of work. In such cases caution should be taken that you are not over charged. Enquiry about the punctuality of the plumber is advisable.

Past experience and reviews.

Without fail past reviews should be taken. We end to miss this step in hurry. But only an experienced plumber with good reviews should be hired. That saves you from lots of hustle later and leaves you with a safe choice.

With the steps, one definitely can hire the best available plumbers in the town.

How To Get The Best Plumber Service When You Need it The Most?

Imagine a day without water. I am sure no one will be able to do so. From drinking to taking shower to taking care of our various daily activities, water is one of the most important resources of all. While it is quite literally the natural resource that sustains life on earth, we take little care when it comes to its use. The abundance of water on planet and the fact that great many population of the earth actually never have to pay for water supply at their home, we take it for granted. However, if not taken care of, we will soon be buying water at high price. Leave alone the dreadful future that almost all of us have heard of, we can speak of the financial loss that occurs right at the moment. Take into consideration the energy consumption that happens as you have to fill up the water reservoir multiple times a day. Or consider the damage to your property due to water leaks. Any leakage of water should be mended without delay. Thus, we need to be able to find a reliable professional plumber like Plumber Toronto in case of such emergency within the shortest time period.

How do you shortlist the most reliable emergency plumbing service provider, especially if you have moved into the city or town mot too long back and yet to get acquainted with every service provider and services available? Here are a few simple steps that will help. You will certainly need the help of Internet for this purpose.

  • Go through the local online directory of service providers and note down the address and contact details of the plumbing service providers who are close to you or in your city.
  • Find the working hours of every professional plumbing contractor. Shortlist the ones which are open at that moment.
  • Check out the area these plumbing service providers are providing service to and remove the ones which do not provide service to your locality.
  • Find the ones which are nearest to your place since they will be able to report in the shortest time.
  • Read a few reviews of past clients to get an idea about the service quality of every professional plumber you have shortlisted this far.
  • Check the certifications and whether or not they are covered under insurance. Do check whether or not they have permission to provide service in your area.
  • Check out the experience of the team as well as that of the organization.

These simple steps will pretty much help you to find the best professional plumber in your area. However, it is always best to keep a few contacts ready in advance anticipating any emergency. Your neighbors and local plumbing materials supplier will be able to guide you as well.

Whatever you do, remember plumbing job is for experts only. Do not try that on your own. Also, never reject a good professional plumber such as plumber Toronto due to high cost. You might end up spending more on repeated repair jobs later.

Stop Postponing Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

bathroom Remodeling Toronto

Have you been postponing the bathroom remodeling for long? Is it because of the high cost associated with it? There is no need to postpone what you have to take up ultimately. Bathroom remodeling is definitely a big job. This is why you should plan everything carefully before embarking on the project.

My first advice is, even with your experienced DIY knowledge do not take up the job of bathroom remodeling by yourself. Unless you yourself are a plumber, leave the job of plumbing to the professionals of Plumber Toronto. You should keep in mind that the bathroom is going to get much less convenient to be used during the time of the renovation. It is best to make other arrangements for the few days. Once you are done, you are all set to begin the remodeling work of your bathroom.

The first step is to get a good contractor for the job. It is important to note that the best plumbing and bathroom remodeling service providers are not necessarily going to be cheapest. However, they need not be the costliest option either. When you are trying to finalize the deal, get estimates from a number of professional service providers. Make thorough background check of their experience and earlier work. You must remember to check their certifications and insurance covers as well. Once you are through, you will have a choice in hand. In general people do not bargain with plumbing and remodeling service providers, but you should ask for a detailed cost estimate and try to get the job within your budget. Do not try to lower the rate too much as this will result in negligence in work and sub-standard output. The duration of the project might also get elongated due to negligence.

The next step is to jot down the issues within your bathroom. The most important changes needs to be listed and must be done at all cost. If there are any other miscellaneous changes that you wish to make, mainly for the decorative purposes, do list them too. However, in case of cost crunch, let go of these changes.

Get the best equipment from the market. They might cost somewhat more, but you will be saved the trouble of repairing faulty parts from time to time. Functionality is the keyword. You should choose the fittings that go best with your day to day schedule and the interior look of the bathroom.

While selecting bathroom fittings, it is best to do that by yourself. Do not leave the job to the contractors. They do not know about your choice. Also, this will allow you to select the best products at most reasonable rates. Make sure you have checked multiple stores before finally buying the bathroom fittings.

In places like Canada, where the temperature can go down considerably during the colder months, it is best to opt for fittings that can withstand extreme high and extreme low temperatures. Remember never opt for sub-standard items just to save a few bucks. It is your bathroom and you should always choose the best for it. Go for Plumber Toronto as it has the highest ratings among all the other companies.

Are You Winter Ready? Fix Your Faulty Geyser and Let The Warmth Flow.


Geysers are undoubtedly the most common home appliance. Be it a tough day at work or a spine chilling weather outside, a hot water shower is always bliss. But so very often our electric geyser breaks down without warning, let’s see why and how to solve it.

Know your geyser inside out, basic working.

The fundamental working mechanism is quite simple, electric energy is being converted into heat energy. This conversion is carried out by electrical elements which raise the temperature of water, while a thermostat, a component which can sense the temperature of water is installed. Once the required temperature is attained, the thermostat senses it and automatically turns off the heating process, generally an LED indicates this on and off process. Inlet for cold water and outlet for hot water are separately present. Anti-corrosion unit prevents internal corrosion.  The outer plastic cover acts as case as well as serves as insulation.

Frequent technical issues with geysers, why and how to fix them.

Over heating of water– Generally there is a knob which allows you to adjust the temperature. The knob controls the thermostat which cuts off the power supply once the desired temperature is attained. In some appliances the thermostat is automatic without manual control. Overheating of water can be caused due to failure in the working of the thermostat, it might be its lifespan is over and you not to replace it. The result of overheating can be permanent damage to the appliance, and a little absent mindedness may lead to water burn. Only professional plumbers from Plumber Toronto should be allowed to fix it.

Cold water or low temperature of water than desired– This too is directly linked with the thermostat; the power supply is cutoff much before the required temperature is attained. A simple readjusting of thermostat temperature will surely fix this problem.

Thinning of water line or humming sound– This fault arises only after a prolonged use of a geyser. The probable reason is deposit of various metals and metal oxides present in hard water. Though a preinstalled anode is present to delay this process of sediment formation but eventually the inlets and outlets do get clogged. Annual Basic plumbing cleaning is indeed a good step to prevent this deposition.

Leaking valves or inlet and outlet junction– High pressure build up inside the chamber due to coagulation of pipes leads to dripping of water via the drain valve to release pressure. Though corrosion itself could be the culprit. Overuse of geyser eventually peels of the galvanized protective layer leading to corroded parts and pores. Greasing and painting of bathroom appliances should be done quite frequently. Sealants should be kept handy, to provide temporary relief, while you call a plumber to your rescue.

Word of caution-No matter how confident you feel about your skills to fix a geyser, always consult an authorized plumber from Plumber Toronto, being penny wise and pound foolish is not the way to go. Ignoring a faulty geyser is like, voluntary exposure to thermal and electrical shock. So stay safe and stay healthy.